LATEST VIDEO – posted Jan. 18th, 2015

“Islamic Religion in TN. Public Schools” recorded Nov. 18th, 2014
A presentation by Craig Honeycutt – CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

VIDEOS- posted Dec. 14th, 2013
Islamic Center of Murfreesboro’s Imam Speaks at First Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Nov. 5th, 2013  First Video-50 min.  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Nov. 5th,  2013 Second-Final-13 min. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Frank Gaffney – “OIC Attack on Free Speech” – BELOW

Deborah Weiss – “Free Speech vs. Anti-Blasphemy” – BELOW

Robert Spencer – “Free Speech vs. Anti-Blasphemy” – BELOW

Stephen Coughlin – “The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law”  Aug. 28, 2012

“Stephen Coughlin Remarks on the Benghazi Embassy Cover Up” April 29, 2013

“Agenda: Grinding America Down” – 8 minute Trailer – this 90-minute video produced in 2010 is excellent information on the historical progression of the Socialist agenda within America.
“Interview with Curtis Bowers – AGENDA Producer”

“The History of the Muslim Brotherhood in 3 minutes”
“The Grand Deception” 2 minute trailer
“A Rational Study of Radical Islam” with Bill Warner
“Why We Are Afraid – a 1400 Year Secret” with Bill Warner
“Obama’s Real Father” 2-minute video trailer
See website for more details

 “Losing Our Sons” Interview on June 17th 2012, with Mike Hukabee and the two fathers

The Awakening – 1hr.18min video from April 24th, 2012 with Kamal Saleem and Frank Gaffney website with 10-part video series by Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy

Obama Admits He is a Muslim – 9 min. video compilation dated Aug. 7th 2009, with astounding statements by Mr. Obama.  Almost 10 million YouTube views…

Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood in America – website with many good links